The 25 Most Important Artists Of 2011

4…3…2…1… and a new year starts. I’m proud to introduce the revival of this blog. New design, new posts, new themes…. like usual, very minimal an compact, but informative!

So here we are with a selection of “the 25 most important artists of 2011″ according to 



The movie “Exit through the giftshop”, a documentary by the british street artist Banksy, is now available for download on the internet under this link. Hurry up, cause tomorrow the link could be down.

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Giant Russian Penis

“Some pu(n)ck has depicted huge male organs on Liteiny Bridge in St. Petersburg and thus rejoiced the bystanders. Two fire vehicles were called to remove the masterpiece”  via English Russia

Uganda Skateboard Union -Trailer-


Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs alias TONK

London to Paris /EPIC

Because the summer is coming…

Three-dimensional wire car sculptures

Three-dimensional wire car sculptures by Uk-based artist Benedict Radcliffe.

Music from a Bonsai

Google HomeView

via ZDF

Die Antwoord

Who the Hell Are Die Antwoord? via pitchfork