The aim of the poject was not to try to create a piece of art but to englobe the people ,usually taking the role as simple contemplaters, in the process of creating.The contemplater should not remain in a passif state of simply observing and judging but should take an actif part and contribute as a unique person.

The project consisted in building up a “relaxation island” in the main street of Luxemburg city. People should take place on a chair and write or draw their present thoughts, believes or feelings on a piece of paper. They were invited to put the paper in a box.
We filmed the whole setting and we collected the paperbits at the end of the setting.


Our setting, despite of the artistic part, covers a socialpsychological field. The whole setting was kind of an experiment where nobody could say how it would end. It gave us a lot of information about how people behave. How people react in front a something strange and uncanny in times of global mistrust and terror? Do people sit down and think or do they simply have “no time”? Is art a simple status sympol or a self-revealing activity which forms you as a person? Is todays art a simple perversion with an economic goal? Should young people like us not study and help their mothers cook and get drunk on weekends instead of creating such a crap?

The answers for all these question brought up by our setting have to be given by the contemplater himself.

Nevertheless, for us it was a great experience and showed us that art is not only some sandheap you see in a museum but that art is nothing less than life itself. Life is art and art is life. People often have much more creativity than you expect, you just have to wake up the dozing spirit of creativity in them.